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A responsive design automatically adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet or mobile, no need for separate layouts for varying platforms



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Let me build a website for you!

Mobile devices now represent a large enough share of the internet market that it demands attention.

Most websites are not mobile friendly. Is yours?

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you're losing a significant percentage of visitors.

Responsive Design is a way of dealing with that issue. It automatically adapts all content, including graphics, photos and videos, to the viewing device screen dimensions.

If you're viewing this page on a destop, you can test this website's responsive design right now - just squeeze your browser window width down - make it tall and narrow like a smart phone - and watch the content re-arrange itself to fit.  

And there's more happening than just re-arranging content. Videos and photos resize. Specific items can be selectively shown or hidden from either the mobile or desktop user. Note how the Main Menu changes from the more stylish wide menu on the desktop to a more functional drop-down list on smaller screens. 

I would love build to a responsive website for you! CONTACT ME 

Give Your Website A Makeover

If you have a existing website that needs to be 'modernized' and redesigned, please contact me. 
Or, if you have no website, and are starting from scratch - I can take care of everything you need. 

When you install a Joomla system, you have installed a stable foundation to grow from. Upon this foundation, you can add just about any functionality you could desire. The foundation for all the following and more: 

  • Blogs & Community - you assign publishing permissions to staff or members
  • E-Commerce - have a complete catalog of products with a full featured online store system.
  • News and Media - combine modern media content... articles, video, audio, user inteaction. 
  • Social Media Integration - make your site work with facebook and social media.

Your Remote IT Department

My services will be a great asset to the right entrepreneur, growing business or organization. I can install and customize a modern responsive website, along with all the photos videos and graphics you need and then maintain it for you. You aren't just hiring a webmaster - look around the rest of this site to see that I'm also a skilled photographer - and video producer with 30 years experience to boot. All of those services come into play in a busy website, and I can bring them all to the table under one contract.

  • Website Developer - installation, customization and webmaster
  • Photographer - graphics and photo creation and preparation, photoshop
  • Video Producer - production to encoding, html5 web integration, DVD, broadcast 

Hire me to implement your new website! 

  1. I can install and customize your website and provide a specified amount of training - tutoring you & your staff to run the site. After the term is up, I leave the site to you.
  2. I can install and customize your website and stay around as webmaster on a term contract basis.




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