Hometown Heroes 9 - The Husteds

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antiochStore-drawing400Sandy & John Husted recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They’ve spent all of that time, and more, living in the Antioch community, just south of 223rd on Waverly Road and north of Hillsdale Lake.

It’s quiet on that piece of road today, but in a time past, there was much community activity here in Antioch. There was a General Store at the corner of Waverly & 223rd that had groceries inside and two gas pumps out front. The store had different owners over the years with Sandy & John being the last and current owners.

Just down the block from the general store was the schoolhouse. The old schoolhouse, with it’s bell aging silently in the belfry, shows some signs of non-use but looks like it’s still in pretty good physical condition.

On the south end is the Antioch Community Baptist Church, built in the 1950’s and still active today. Across the street from the church is the old Antioch Cemetery.
The area was transformed over time by the construction of Hillsdale Lake.

Sandy and John were in that area long before there was a Hillsdale Lake. For years they farmed livestock and crops on over 1000 acres. Later, they had an opportunity to purchase the Antioch general store and they did. The store was called the Antioch Hitching Post when Sandy & John ran it.

Sandy shares memories of the years running the small country store in the video above.

The building has been remodeled over recent years and today looks like a house rather than a store. Sandy & John still live there today.

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