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Book one of the most experienced wedding videographers in the Midwest! 

Many times videography is one of the last things on the list of a busy bride or wedding planner... but I've heard back from many brides afterwards who tell me the video is one of the most important things they spent money on. You can bring the memories back to life anytime you want!

Importance of Video - An amatuer wedding video will be put on a shelf and rarely watched... but a professionally done video will be watched and enjoyed, long into the future. My videos are in done in a very watchable style.  A well done professional wedding video will document the whole day without getting boring. It takes skill and experience to be able to shoot a wedding and do a good job of it.

wedding-DVD-coversYour Highlight Video will be the most watched segment of your wedding video. It's a 3-5 minute recap of the whole day. Set to music and carefully edited, it's like a trailer of your movie. This is the piece you will show most often to your friends and share on social media. You can choose a dreamy style or a more straightforward style. 

I'd love to share some sample videos with you or meet with you - just click here to email me.

After the highlight intro, the rest of the video is in a documentary as it happened style. It'll be edited to move long at a comfortable pace, giving viewers a good feel of the sights and sounds. You'll see some pre-wedding shots: outside of venue, getting ready, decorations, etc, and then it moves into the actual ceremony. 

The Ceremony is usually covered (most packages) with at least two cameras. The ceremony, as a rule, is not cut for time or anything else, it is almost always preserved just as it actually happened - usually starting when the first grandparent is ushered in, until the same is ushered out. The groom wears a wireless microphone that transmits the intimate, up-close sound of the vows.The edited program will switch views between the camera angles throughout, in a professional live event coverage style. 

The Reception comes next on your video. It is still in a as it happened style but now with just one camera roaming the hall. You'll see your guests and your decorations. Your cake before it's cut. You see a continuos succession of short shots of people and things. The main events are covered of course - the cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, etc. 

The Credits - At the very end (of most videos) will be a closing credits sequence, like at the end of a movie, showing the names of all you list on the program.

Total running time of the whole movie will vary in length, usually between 1-2 hours. The ceremony is normally the main factor in length - a hour long Catholic mass will mean a longer overall video length than a 20 minute beach ceremony.


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Wedding Video Packages

All packages feature a wireless microphone on groom during ceremony and HD acquisition.


  • 1 Cameraman
  • 4 Hours Coverage
  • Basic Editing


  • 2 Cameramen at ceremony
  • 6 Hours Coverage
  • Highlight Intro & Credits


  • 2 Cameramen at ceremony
  • 8 Hours Coverage
  • Highlight Intro, Credits & More


  • Give me your wedding date, location and details, and I'll create a custom quote for you. A custom package might be higher or lower than package quotes above, depending on your needs and particulars of your event.