Internet Video For Small Business

showcase your business - engage customers


  • Engage People do business with who they know. Videos are attractive and appealing presentation methods that can help develop a bond with your customers - before they ever step foot in your store! Video is a powerful tool for you!
  • Entertain Creative displays for your photos and videos. Slideshows, Video Players ready for integration into your own website. Or YouTube. Or Facebook (custom Facebook Apps available too).
  • Educate Retain existing customers by giving them something of value. Here is your opportunity to show them how good your product or service is. Your professional experience, lnowledge and advice will be appreciated! Your video will be shared.

 Video Content for Internet & Social Networks

Establish a social media presence for your business, event or group with the power of video! In the past, you had to pay big bucks to a TV station to get your video seen - but the internet now makes video advertising available to almost anyone. Now all you need is an experienced shooter, editor and producer who can make your video, encode it to web video formats and get it on the web...

That's where I come in!

We will visit your location, shoot a video report, then edit and prepare it for online public viewing. We'll put it on YouTube, or host it here at or elsewhere. Basically, you can put it anywhere you want - on your own website, Facebook and other social media... or preferably, all of the above!


We offer affordable packages for internet video advertising and custom quotes for any production project.

I do a Montage style video, which is a music video style approach. A videographer with a creative eye comes to your place to capture sights and sounds, and give viewers a taste of what it feels like to visit your location. There's lots of room here for smiles, waves and happy faces from your customers and employees... or products and services can be in the spotlight. 

The Reportage style features a man with a mike interviewing people at your location. Once again there's plenty of room for creativity and variation. Sometimes, the video might be a combination of the two styles. 

The types of videos that you can create are endless.

  • product demonstrations
  • how-to videos
  • customer testimonials
  • entertain
  • educate
  • video tours

You can also use video to introduce members of the company, highlight new services, and show community or charitable involvement. Any message you want to get out.

Got a creative idea? Let's start producing it! With your brainstorming help, we can get really creative - and do something more dramatic or humorous - make your own little movie scene. The goal is to make something that people will enjoy watching - something they'll remember.

Give customers something interesting - and they'll pass it on! That will end up rewarding both them and you!


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