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What if... you had a video of your great great grandparents from 100 years ago? You could hear and see them talk, you could see photos and video of places they worked and lived - hear them describe the challenges, struggles and victories, the life lessons learned. What would that be worth to you?

Family Legacy Videos

A gift for your family.
For those living now, for those yet to be born.

Your Family Legacy video will be professionally shot and edited. It's built around interviews of your family members and friends, and supported by your historical family photos and home movies. Like the familar network biography/documentary shows you see on TV, but this one is about the people you know and love! 

Here's a short clip from a Family Legacy video:

About the clip. The lower third ID graphics have been blurred in the sample clip. This video was a tribute to the family patriarchs. They are in their 80's. Their 3 kids hired me to make a Family Legacy Video for them and they split the video cost three ways. They had a family reunion here on July 4th. Twenty interviews were done over the holiday weekend at the family homestead here in Gardner Kansas. We had a list of questions and topics to discuss. Family members took turns being the interviewer and interviewee. They provided me with old photos and footage of old home movies, then they let me go to work and edit it all into a nice program.

Is your family getting together for the holidays? 
I can book two or maybe three new projects that would begin with shooting interviews now in November or December 2016 and would be completed in early 2017. 

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Family Legacy Video: $3995

  • Consultation to discuss the subject and production approach.
  • Up to 20 interviews. Must all be scheduled over one weekend.
  • Hollywood style opening sequence, credits
  • graphic effects, titles and lower thirds
  • legal, licensed music soundtrack

The primary end product is the polished, fully edited Family Legacy Video. It's around 50-60 minutes in length.
You will get all of the full length individual interview videos too. They'll be lighly edited. Nothing fancy - a title page graphic, clean up editing and audio mixing... but no photo insertions or b-roll. Just straight interview.
At the end of the process, you'll get not just the videos, but the ENTIRE project delivered to you. The entire project!! That includes:

  • Every edited video mentioned above
  • All the raw footage
  • Every title, graphic, and photo used
  • All of the video editing projecte files 

You might not know what to do with some of that stuff... but your family might want to do a volume II video in 50 years - and some of this stuff might come in handy at that time. 

Time Capsule Video - $595

A Time Capsule video is the same kind of style as the egacy video, just shorter and featuring only one interview. It's modeled after the Hometown Heroes video series I do for The Gardner News. The edited Time Capsule video is 10 minutes or less, but you will also get the full length uncut interview.

Below is one of the Hometown Heroes videos

See More Hometown Heroes videos  


Add A Book and A Website

weddingbook001In addition to the video produced, I can also package a custom designed, museum quality coffee table book and/or a full website, which also utilizes and presents the media materials.

Contact me for more information and a specific quote for your project today! 

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