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Network Quality Biography TV for YOU

What if... you had a video of your ancestors from 100 or 150 years ago? You could hear and see them talk, you could see photos and video of places they worked and lived - hear them describe the challenges, defeats, victories and life lessons learned. What would that be worth to you? Wouldn't it be a priceless posession?

Biography Tribute Videos
A beautiful tribute video to your V.I.P. that will be a valued family possesion for generatons to come. It's a unique, one of a kind gift to every present and future member of your family.

Do this now - this is a forever gift for your family. Your great-great-great-great grandchildrens grandchildren will cherish and treasure this, and forever be grateful to you for creating it!

It's the story of a lifetime.
It's a movie about your greatest hero

Your VIP Biography will be professionally shot and edited by a seasoned video producer with 30 years experience. Post Production editing adds professional design elements to your family story - stylish lower thirds, a eye-catching opening sequence and credits at the end. From start to finish, it's a professional production that would fit right in aesthetically on your favorite network cable channel.

Just like the familar network biography shows, Your VIP Biography is built around interviews, archival photos and videos. The story is mostly told by those interviewed, with a narration to tie everything together. With custom created case and disc art to complete the package, it will look right at home next to the Hollywood DVD's on your shelf too.

Full production services include: 

  • Consultation meetings to discuss the subject and video approach. Begin forming rough outline of story, identify interviewees
  • Photos, slides, negatives and home movies digitized, restored and prepared for full-screen HD presentation
  • Research and Scriptwriting
  • On location audio-video interview sessions
  • Voice-over narration
  • Music with usage rights
  • Professional graphic effects, titles and lower thirds
  • Custom Authored DVD with full menu navigation and custom artwork on label and disc
  • HD version for web viewing (YouTube, website embeds)

 In addition to the video produced, I can also package a custom designed, museum quality coffee table book and/or a full website, which also utilizes and presents the media materials.

You Are Associate Producer

You will collect and organize all the photos, videos and other materials that are available to help tell our subjects story. You need to identify who the interviewees will be, which ones would be best to tell certain parts of the story, and help co-ordinate or schedule these interviews.

The more you can do, the more you can trim the cost. Network biography shows have budgets that start at tens of thousands of dollars and goes up to six figure numbers. They spend money on research and development, which in this case, is your job! Plus, they also send crews out to various multiple locations to shoot single interviews. If we can schedule the bulk or all of the interviews in one or two days at the same location, we can dramatically lower production expenses.

Every project will have different requirements so each will be a custom quote.  

Add A Book and A Website

weddingbook001You can also preserve this history in a coffee table style book. These are museum quality photo art books, which tell your story with custom designed photo layouts and words. These books are made of the finest materials and will last many lifetimes - and that's the point right?

See my page on custom designed Photo Art Books

And to complete the package, we can install a dedicated custom designed website to display and showcase your biography media presentations.

Contact me for more information and a specific quote for your project today! 

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