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This is not an ordinary slideshow - it is a polished, professional presentation, a custom made tribute to your Very Important Person or subject.

Bring your old photo albums to life!

There's something about seeing photos of the ones you love put in motion and set to music. It always brings out the memories and emotions. You best have some tissues handing when you push play on this one. It's a great tribute and a perfect gift to commemorate... Birthdays - Graduations - Weddings - Retirements - Lifetime Tributes - Memorials


Your finished video is delivered on DVD with custom case and disc artwork

A photo montage video will become a priceless treasure that will be enjoyed for generations!

Recognize Milestone Moments!
Birthdays - Graduations - Weddings - Retirements - Lifetime Tributes - Memorials

I'd love to make one for you!

  1. Contact Me, I'll reply by email with more information. Once the project is started, you will have my phone number and email to contact me anytime.
  2. As Executive Producer, it's your job to gather, organize and number your photos!
  3. Decide on your titles and music- Beginning and ending title pages are included (Extra titles can be added anywhere you like - they will be charged as an additional photo - at $2.50 each.)
  4. Get Your Pictures To Us, and we do the rest!

Also includes the digitized copies of your original photos

testimonial001When you send your physical photos to me you will get back a CD with all the master digital still photo files used in the video. 

This also includes some color correction and minor restoration on photos that might need that. Many photos, especially dated ones, will come back to you looking BETTER, in their digital form, than they did before - and you can have new prints made from these digital files, so you are preserving those aging photos!

Having those files on CD means that you will then be able to make NEW full resolution prints of any one of your old pictures anytime you wish. You are preserving those photos in a high quality form for the future. (This is not included if you upload or send digital files on CD - it is only when you send actual photographs)

You will enjoy watching your photo video as much 20 years from now as you will when you first get it! Perhaps more importantly, so will future generations of your family!

Photo Montage Videos by MPG become cherished keepsakes for the individual receiving them. It is truly a one of a kind, special gift for anyone - a thoughtful gift that evokes strong emotion and feelings. A Photo Montage Video traces the history of a persons life, progressing from the early days to present. Our videos put movement into your photos, and when accompanied by the music you select, become dramatic presentations that bring memories alive.



The Cost is $2.50 per photo. Thats it!
Remember, in addition to the video presentation, you get all your photos digitized and many retouched & restored! What a deal!

More Questions?
contact cans

If you have a larger project (250 plus photos), you'll get a discount.

If you mix in video clips, we'll need to talk about that. Vid clips are $10 each, but we'll need to define what they are and how they are delivered to me....


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