The Garden Studio

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035We invite you to our lake cottage residence when you book a Garden Studio Portrait session with IMPG. It is a great place for pictures! We have water, rock gardens, flowers and lush green backdrops everywhere. We planted a weeping willow tree a few years back, just so we could take your picture under it's drooping branches. It's ready! Our yard is large and has mature majestic trees shading it - I let them have low branches, which is a hazard when I mow the grass, but it creates great little portrait backdrops. 

It's private. There's not going to be anyone waiting in line or watching. You are our guest and for this morning or afternoon, you're the only one.

We're generous with time - sessions are scheduled to be 1 or 2 hours in length, but we generally will only book one a.m. or p.m. session. So we can take our time. If you're a bit late or we need to wait a bit for a childs good mood to return, we have some flexibility.

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