Creative Portrait Sessions

(straightforward no nonsense one price packages)


icon-1You get ALL of your photos
Straightforward Packages - There is no "choosing a proof" or "purchasing units".  It's simple - you pay one flat fee, and that provides you with all the photos from your session. We don't hold your photos for ransom, we deliver them to you!
icon-2Lifetime Reprint Permissions
means you can have photos made anytime you want, from any photo processor you choose - anytime, anyhow, anywhere, in any amount. You do not have to order high priced reprints exclusively from our studio. We want you to use your photos!
icon-3Retouching/Post Processing
All of our packages include at least some basic post processing work - most include the creation of new images after the session. These photos get lots of time and attention as I try to take the artistic potential of the photograph to its ultimate limit.
icon-4No Tacky Logos
Or pretty ones either. You can share logo free photos on facebook! Yay! I mean... Yahoo! Or Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter or where ever. Choosing us to do your photos does not obligate you to be a billboard advertisement for our studio.


One Package Price - you get everything.

Relaxed, casual sessions - that are actually fun! We offer a flat package price for private sessions, at our place or on location at yours.


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