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beautiful photoart books

The Wedding Book - Unique Custom Design

Our clients are ALWAYS blown away when they hold a GraphiStudio book. These photo art books are breathtakingly beautiful - just stunning! The layouts are custom designed right here - making your book truly unique. Then it's published using the finest quality printing, materials and binding - and latest technology. Your book will be cherished (and last) a lifetime!

A museum quality book from cover to cover, featuring our unique, custom in house design. Thick stiff pages that lay flat, and when opened, present a huge collage spread out in front of you.

Other Occasions 

Books can also be created as:

  • a tribute,
  • a biography,
  • a business history,
  • an anniversary
  • lifetime achievement
  • your subject

There are also Senior Books.

And Family Books - what an elegant presentaion of family history!


  • wedbook 002
  • wedbook 006
  • wedbook 007


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