Photo Repair

02.before-afterRestore & Preserve Your Old Photos

We can repair scratches, tears, fading and other types of damage to your old or damaged photos.

Your original is never at risk - it is scanned or photographed only and then, all restoration work is done on the digital file.

The cost for restorations ranges from $39 to $79, depending on complexity and services. In addition to repairing and restoring, you can also have those old black & white pictures COLORIZED, we could remove and replace backgrounds or cut unwanted people out. There are many ways to enhance that old photo, don't be afraid to ask. You will get a fixed price quote before we start so there are no surprises or additional costs.



SeniorRow-001Senior Photo Gallery - Click Here.

We love doing Senior Sessions. We offer flat fee packages. One price covers the session and post processing (which you don't get as standard just anywhere!), and... you get all of your pics! No choosing proofs, or units or any other stuff like that. You get all your pictures and you can do what you want with them. You can use them on facebook or wherever, and with no watermarks. You'll get high resolution digital images for prints and lower res images ready for social media sharing. You can have reprints made anywhere you want (The only time you need permission is if the pics will be in a commercial publication or production. etc.). If you like our photos, then these are great bonuses that not all studios offer.

I believe we give you more service than is normally offered within a package. After your session, I'll go through the whole batch and cull out obvious rejects. During that process, I'll also choose my 10 or more favorite from the session - and those photos will get what I call the "Impressions Treatment".  That's where I go all out with re-touching and effects in photoshop, trying to take the photo to it's artistic potential. This includes cover shot treatment - which removes blemishes and pimples, smooths and evenly colors skin, brightens eyes and teeth - you get photos fit for a magazine cover.

The Packages

Come visit us at The Garden Studio (our lake cottage residence). Use our contact form to request more info or how to book your session

  • Garden Studio
    One hour session, all outdoor photos here or near here

  • Garden Studio PLUS
    Two hour session, adds indoor studio portraits and a trip to a third nearby location

  • Your Location
    Two hour session, on location photography, anywhere in the KC area.

Re-introducing - Senior Videos

I haven't offered this for a while. What is a Senior Video? It can be a memory video made from your photos or... a lot more. Here are some oldies I've revived from the archives: 

Most of those are 2004-5 seniors who are mommies and daddies now!  A new video made today will look better in HD!!!! Contact me if you're interested in a Senior Video.


Cover Shots

Get the IMPG Cover Shot Treatment for $9.99

This post processing treatment will give you a movie star look. Wrinkles will be removed or reduced, blemishes and pimples go bye-bye, skin is evenly colored and smoothed, and eyes and teeth are brightened.

Almost any photo will look better!

Below are some samples to help you see what it does. Note that I've zoomed in close on these pictures so you can see how it smooths the skin. 

This works best for portrait style photos. It can be a photo you took yesterday or 30 years ago. It needs to be one person - and a fairly close head and shoulders shot.  

Upload that type of photo to me and I'll give it the treatment for $9.99.

If you have questions or want to talk about it, click here to contact me. After you contact me, I'll give you my phone number in my reply -  so we can talk on the phone or via email.

How to Order:

  1. Pay - Make 9.99 payment by Paypal button below

    The Buy Now button opens PayPal in a new window. Make your payment then close the window and come back here to upload.

  2. Upload - upload your photo (BELOW). Make sure you include your email in the upload note section (after you choose your file)

  3. Download - Watch your email for notification your photo is ready for download.

NOTE - this is not an automated process. Your order will be handled by a human being (me!) and it may take 2-3 days for me to get the order completed. You might get it back same day.... but that will depend on how busy I am.


On Location Photography

Whether you need formal on location protraits for your group or class, or if you need coverage of an event, from a wedding to a convention or seminar, we can handle the job. We offer great rates and are flexible if we need to try to fit within a budget. You'll know upfront how much it's going to cost and there will be no surprise charges to surprise you.

Contact Us about On Location Photograpy Services for your next event!


Photography For Business

Photography For Business

Seminars and Conventions. Events of all kinds. Product Photography. Staff Portraits. Skilled post processing graphic services for multimedia purposes. Please think of IMPG when your business needs any event or function supported with photographic documentation. You are promised artistic and professional services at reasonable prices. We're capable, flexible and easy to work with. I'd love to bid on your next project - and remember we provide professional video coverage too.

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