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DQ opened a new store in Gardner, Kansas on October 28. I was there to document the moment of opening. This job was shot on location on a Saturday morning, edited that afternoon and delivered in finished form, ready for social media posting just after 6 p.m.

The hundred or more first customers waiting outside on this chilly morning were anxious for the doors to open. It was a hectic environment to shoot in. DQ had a lot of extra staff working that morning to handle the first few hours, but no one had time to pause and set up a video shot. Once the doors opened, I couldn't stop anywhere for more than a few seconds before I felt I was in somebody's way, holding up the delivery of an Oreo Blizzard or something. 

The first 100 customers who bought an ice cream cake also got a coupon for one free burger a week for a year. They sold a lot of cakes in that first couple of hours!

Rick Poppitz

I've been a video shooter, editor and producer since 1984. Decades of experience in a wide variety of diverse production environments. I've added photography and web content creation skills along the way. On the set, in the studio and live on location. I've worked closely with instructors, entertainers, CEO's, celebrities, and thousands of everyday VIP's.

I deliver quality creative services at affordable prices. I'm always looking for new projects. I'd love to help you create video, photography and web content for your business, organization or personal projects.